Teckad auditing services are to help organizations evaluating of abilities and capabilities of IT systems, business performance and certifying organization’s abilities by international standards. Our auditing services include:
– Information Technology Auditing Services
– Business Performance Audit

While our specialty is helping organizations craft Balanced Scorecard systems we have extensive experience in facilitating the development of mission and vision statements, articulating core values, building strategic plans, as well as every facet of linking the Balanced Scorecard to management processes.
Teckad consulting and practitioner experience along with in-depth knowledge will provide you with the expertise you need to develop a performance management system that ensures you effectively execute your unique strategy. We’d also welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your implementation requirements so that we can discuss our approach to the intangibles mentioned above, since they can truly make the difference in implementation success. In the meantime, please review our consulting services and feel free to contact us for more information on any or all of them.

– Certification



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